BHOOMI ONLINE RTC – Karnataka Land Records Online

The Bhoomi portal revolutionized how land records are managed and accessed in the Indian state of Karnataka. Introduced by the local government in 2000, the platform has digitized critical documents like RoR, Tenancy, Crops (RTC), and Mutation Reports, making them accessible to citizens and farmers through Kiosk Centers.

Bhoomi Online RTC is a transformative initiative by the Karnataka government, offering a comprehensive platform for residents to access their land records swiftly and conveniently online. This groundbreaking approach has modernized land record management and increased transparency and efficiency.

Services Available on Bhoomi Online RTC

The Bhoomi Online RTC portal offers a wide array of services related to land records. Here’s a breakdown of the primary services available:

  • RTC Services: Users can view RTC and MR (Pahani), Khata Extract, and RTC Information. Additionally, they can utilize the I–RTC Wallet.
  • Report Services: This includes services for Dispute Cases, Village Wise Pendency, Bhoomi Dashboard, Bhoomi RTC Mutation History, and Bhoomi DI Dashboard.
  • Land Conversion Services: Users can apply online for land conversion, view conversion request status, and download final conversion orders.
  • Survey (SSLR) Services: These services allow for viewing and requesting survey documents and revenue maps.

Access Bhoomi Karnataka RTC Official Portal

To begin with, users need to visit the Karnataka land record homepage – Here, they can access various documents and services such as RTC (Pahani) & MR, Khata Extract, Mutation, Land Conversion, Revenue Maps, Mojini, and Survey Documents Land Details.

How to View RTC (Pahani) Current Year/Old Year

  • On the View RTC page, select either Current Year or Old Year for RTC Bhoomi.
  • Select your District, Taluk, Hobli, Village, and Survey Number, then click on Go.
  • Next, select your Surnoc, Hissa No, Period, and Year, then click Fetch Details.
  • After the system displays the Owner Details and Land Details, verify them. Upon confirmation, click on View.
  • Your RTC (Bhoomi Pahani) Details will be displayed on the screen. This document contains Land Details, Owner Details, and Other Details.

Understanding RTC – Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops

RTC, or Pahani, is a critical document for agricultural land. It includes details such as:

  • The details of the landowner
  • Type of land
  • Area of measurement
  • Water rate
  • Soil type
  • Land use classification (agricultural, commercial, non-agricultural residential flood area)
  • The nature of possession of the land
  • Liabilities
  • Tenancy
  • Crops grown on the land

The RTC is issued in hectares or acres for village lands, with the Tahsildar’s or Deputy Tahsildar’s signatures.

Obtaining I-RTC Online via the Land Record Karnataka Portal

The following steps outline how to get the RTC online through the Land Record Karnataka Portal:

  • Visit the official Karnataka Online Land Records Bhoomi webpage.
  • Click on the i-RTC option from the Home Page.
  • This redirects you to the next page. Choose the ‘Login as Guest‘ option.
  • Enter your Name, 10-digit mobile number, email ID and Aadhaar Card number.
  • After inputting all the details, click on ‘Proceed‘.
Citizen login

On the next page, input the following details:

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Hobli
  • Village
  • Survey number
  • Surnoc
  • Hissa number
  • Validity RTC

After entering all the details, click on ‘Fetch Details‘.

  • The details related to land records will be displayed. To view RTC, click on ‘View RTC‘.
  • After viewing the RTC, click the ‘Pay and Download‘ option.
  • The fee for downloading RTC is Rs. 10. After selecting the declaration, click ‘Pay Now.’

After successful payment, the RTC will be displayed in PDF format. You can now download the RTC.

Viewing RTC Information On Bhoomi Online Portal

To view RTC information, follow these steps:

RTC Information
  • To get the information, fill in the details such as District, Hobli, Taluk, Village, and survey number.
  • After providing all the details, click on ‘Fetch Details.’
  • Land details in RTC will be shown.

Mutation of Property in Karnataka

Mutation is changing land title ownership from one person to another when the property is transferred. To apply for mutation, you must visit a Kiosk Centre and submit an application with the necessary land-related documents. The Kiosk will issue an acknowledgment number, which you can use to check the mutation status.

Extracting Mutation Report On Bhoomi Online Portal

To extract a mutation report on Bhoomi Portal, follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘View RTC and MR‘ option from the Home Page. This redirects you to the next page.
  • On this page, click on the mutation option. Enter all details such as district, Taluk, Hobli, Village, and Survey number.
Mutation Extract
  • Click on ‘Fetch Details‘. Mutation-related details will be displayed. You can view details by clicking on ‘Preview.’

Checking Mutation Status in Bhoomi

To check the mutation status in Bhoomi, select the ‘Mutation Status‘ option in the view RTC or MR page. By entering the District, Taluk, Hobli, Village, Survey number, Surnoc number and Hissa number, you can view the status of your Mutation Application.

Mutation status

Revenue Maps

The Bhoomi portal also provides access to revenue map details of the land.

  • Select the ‘Revenue Map‘ option from the Home page.
revenue maps
  • Enter details of District, Taluk, Hobli, and Map type.
  • A list of revenue maps will be displayed.
search in revenue maps

Click on the PDF icon to view the Map of the Land. You can download the PDF document.

Contact Details

For any queries or issues, you can contact the Bhoomi Monitoring Cell at the following:

  • SSLR Building, K.R. Circle, Bangalore – 560001
  • Email –
  • Tel – 080-22113255, 8277864065,8277864067, 8277864068